Koupetori Boatyard since 1920

Around 1920 Dimitri Koupetoris moved with his family in the area Katastima and established the first shipyard at Salamina Island, Saronic Gulf
Married to Sotiria maiden Farmaki they had eight children – four girls Olympia, Angellki, Elevtheria, Paraskevi and four boys, Evangelos, Nicholas, Eleftherios and Spyridon.

Koupetori BoatyardFrom the beginning all children, despite the fact that they were younger than eight years old helped their father “pull and throw”, as they would say, the fish boats into the sea, while also maintaining them.
Additionally this type of work required a lot of manpower and there were no facilities in which could help them therefore everything was to be done manually.

That is why the whole family helped.
Growing up, the children naturally took after their father job, especially the boys as the maintenance of the boats required manpower and skill. This continued for many years working at the small boat yard.

Koupetori BoatyardBut around 1935 they moved to the area of Ag. Nikolaos where they are still today.
The father owned a large vineyard there and decided to bring the whole family to live there permanently with their own property.
There they build the boatyard in which all the boys worked at diligently, together with their father.

They worked from sunrise to sunset. The children stole this art of maintaining boats from their father (because art could not be taught) as they would say.
And growing up with this much zeal they passed it onto their own children who exercise up until now the same traditional art of their grandfather and their father.

Today the Boatyard keeps the tradition with great love and passion from the grandchildren of Dimitrios Koupetoris who in turn try to give their best.
The men who work here up until today are: Dimitrios and Emanouil of Evangelos Koypetoris. Dimitrios of Eleftherios Koypetoris. Dimitrios of Spiridonas Koypetoris.